Britain’s Oldest Man Declines Birthday Cards From the Queen to Prevent Clutter

What are the secrets to the longevity? For some people, it might be diet and healthy life style. For Britain’s oldest man 109 years old Robert Weighton (born in 1908), it’s as simply as reminding yourself “fortunate”.

Mr Weighton said that he had no secret to long life just that he’d been ‘fortunate’. He, indeed, is the most fortunate person and lucky few to know the ultimate truth of life, which I believe to his longevity.

He is the man of himself, he doesn’t even bow to the Queen’s authority. He said: ‘I decided not to receive a card every year from the Queen, because I didn’t want a huge collection of cards that I add to every year. However, I did accept one from her two years ago, because it’s the only one I’d seen that she was smiling on. In the rest of the cards she looked a bit miserable while on official duties.”

He is also the man of moving forward. He not only accepts whatever life throw on him, he carries on and find pleasures from it. He said: “As with everything in my life, it has just kind of happened to me, it’s not been my choice and I have had to make the best of it. “I’ve eaten food I never thought I’d eat, made friends with people I never thought I would meet and been places I never thought I would go”.

He is the man with humanity spirit. He said:” ‘I always wanted to do something to promote peace, particularly with the likes of Hitler and Mussolini being in power at the time.”

He is the man of constantly reinventing himself when he had to in life. He has been working in shipping industry, marine engineering, teaching English in Taiwan,  being plane engineering supervisor in Canada and political warfare mission in Denver, US. Later, he was a lecturer in marine engineering in London, UK. After retirement, he spent much of his time volunteering as marriage Councillor and helping at youth groups in town.

He also is a independent man. He still lives independently and is able to get out to the supermarket several times a week.

What a journey a man could go on!


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