Who Is Worth Of Your Kindness?

We all know that kindness is a virtue. It is generosity for willing to sacrifice yourself for the others.  It is a giving spirit with no thought for any reward. But who is worth of your kindness?

Do those criminals deserve your kindness? They deserve justices.

Do those bully deserve your kindness? They deserve punishment.

Do those mean-spirited people deserve your kindness? They deserve to be ignored. The more kindness you give to them, the more they want from you. They play games and they calculate every move they make. You lose your dignity to give them your kindness. They think you are weak, so they can easily take advantage of you at their wish. Sometimes you have to put up self-defence. When you feel it’s enough, you shouldn’t waste your previous time for them at all. Give your valuable kindness to those unfortunated because they need, instead of taking advantage of, your kindness  Give your kindness to good people because they deserve it. And you know you all have the same principles, ethics and moral standards in life.

Kindness has to come from within. Don’t expect those mean-spirited people can be touched by your kindness. They themselves have to learn what’s right and wrong first,  and then they can start to learn what is kindness. Let their troubled soul play their cards. You live your own peaceful life with your kindly heart.




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