It Is No Use to Complain

On a sunny day on a farm, chicken and cows were laying on the ground sunbathing. Then a hen started complaining: “I don’t know why people don’t let us have a birth control…..”. And a dairy cow answered back: “Yeah, I also don’t understand why people drink my milk but don’t call me mom!….”. At this time, a mosquito flied by. The mosquito joined their talk: “Mm…, I am happy that people always give me a round of applause whenever I go. It makes me feel so great”.

Sometimes, the world is the way it is. People are who they are. They are all out our control. If complaining can make your head more clear about what happened and what you should do next, then you can complain about something and let your stress go away, otherwise you better do something to make things better. Remember complaining is not a solution, the action is.



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