Reflection on Life – 2

  1. One has two ears but only one mouth. This means you should listen more and speak less.
  2. Before you build a wall, you should know what you should circle out and what you should circle in.
  3. Recognition of the problem is the first step in solving the problem.
  4. Modesty is not about thinking badly about yourself but not thinking about yourself.
  5. When testing a person’s intelligence, you only need to see if he can listen opposite ideas without impeding his action.
  6. Even the laziest horse can run fast as long as there is a mosquito bites him.
  7. Without creativity, you can only be a follower.
  8. The new idea will blossom only if it falls into the hands of the person who truly believes in it and who is addicted to it.
  9. There are no perfect things in this world, so there are rooms to make everything better.
  10. The first answer you get is not necessarily the best one.
  11. If we all hire somebody better than ourselves, our company will be great.
  12. Those who are hesitant to make a plan is usually no confident in his ability.
  13. When you hire somebody, it’s not 1+1=2, it might be zero.
  14. When you are in a tunnel, you can only have a limited view.
  15. Every exit is an entry to another place.
  16. The real mistake is to be afraid to make mistakes.
  17. Giving up is the key to innovation.
  18. Don’t let yourself cry easily. When you laugh, the whole world laugh with you. When you cry, you are the only one crying in the whole world.

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