Unimaginable Imagination – Translation of Chinese Children’s Poetry

I am wondering why everybody is so much smarter than I am!  Read the following poems written by 7-8 years old Chinese kids. They all have an unimaginable imagination.



The lamp burns a hole through the dark nights.



In the evening,

I walked with a flashlight.

 When I was tired,

I took the flashlight as a cane,

I hold a beam of light.


 3. Eyes

 My eyes are very big,

They can have big mountains,

They can have big oceans,

They can have blue sky,

They can also have a whole world.

My eyes are very small,

When I feel sad sometimes,

They cannot even hold up

Two drops of my tears


4. I want to change….

I want to change,

 I want to become a tree,

 When I am happy,

 I am blooming,

When I am not happy,

I am a fallen leaf.


 5. Love

   Oh, My mom is as beautiful as a flower,

   Hey, My dad is as ugly as mud,

 But, Why my mom loves my dad?

 Mm, Because flower can’t live without mud.


  6. Yeast

Yeast can breed independently,

  They do not need girlfriends,

 They don’t need boyfriends either,

 It seems that I am also yeast.

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