Reflection on Life – 3


  1. Your certificates are only proofs of your learning ability, but your ways of thinking are proofs of your creativity.
  2. Your destiny is depended on what do you do,  when do you do it, how do you do it and with whom do you do it.
  3. Successful people don’t win at the starting point,  they win at the turning points.
  4. Do simple things again and again, you will be an expert; Do simple things again and again with your heart, you will be a winner.
  5. Life without love is like a desert – harsh and lifeless.
  6. Grateful to your friends, they gave you help; Grateful to your enemies, they made you strong.
  7. Friendship is just like bank deposits, the more you save, the more dividends you can get late on.
  8. Those who you hate have no pain, but you get bruises by doing that. So, don’t waste your time to hate somebody.
  9. Don’t argue with idiots, otherwise nobody know who is an idiot.
  10. To lose your temper, it is called instinct; To control your temper, it is called grace.

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