My “Smart” Weight Scale

On a very hot summer day,  I got up and then stepped onto my weight scale habitually first thing in the morning. Out of my surprise, I found out that I almost added 5 pounds from the day before! I tried hard to keep my sleepy eyes wide open, and stepped off and then on the scale again. Without any success, the scale still relentlessly showed the same result. I sighed: just in one day,  my half year’s exercise was totally in vain. I kept thinking back what I had eaten the day before. I remembered I only had a delicious Italy seafood paste meal for lunch, a Chinese take out for dinner, and one ice-cream bar and a few slices of watermelon before bedtime. I was wondering how come those self pleasures later on became 5 pounds flesh after one night’s sleep? After a while, as always, my self-deception saved my day. I told myself that my smart weight scale had automagically caught up currently very hot machine learning strategy. Now, it not only can magically expand its measurements on very hot summer days, but can also, without any doubts, contract its measurements on cold winter days when they come!



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