Traditional Chinese Medical Massage Therapy

Chinese medicine believes that some diseases are caused by blood blockage in your body. One major hypothesis is that by massaging some of specific points on your body, you can help your blood flow, therefore help to cure some of the diseases. Following are seven widely acceptable practices for the people with high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, back pain,  arthritis and constipation etc. I think if you believe them, they will work for you for sure.

  1. High blood pressure

Hold the upper part of the ear with your index finger and thumb, you can feel there is a groove. Use your thumb massaging this part up and down 2 to 3 times a day for few minutes each time or until that part of skin is warm. Regularly massaging this place not only can lower your blood pressure, but also eliminate dizziness sometimes.


2. Diabetes

On the inner side of your foot, there is a hollow place between the raised bone and your heel. Pressing this place with your finger until there is a noticeable soreness. Do it everyday, it will help to cure your diabetes.



3. High Cholesterol

Put your hand on your knee, and your four fingers are straight down. The place your middle finger tip points to is the important point in Chinese medicine. Pressing this point for 5 to 10 minutes each time, twice a day for a week, it will help to lower your cholesterol. It also make you feel calm and help your blood flow.


4. Heart disease

From your wrist down three fingers distance, there is a point which Chinese medicine believe is one of the most important point to cure coronary heart disease. It also can stabilize your heart rhythm and relieve chest tightness. Massaging this point continuously for 3 minutes each time can quickly relieve heart pain or adjust the heart rhythm.


5. Back Pain

Clench your hand into a fist, massaging the point shown on the following GIF. It can reduce your back pain and improve your eyesight. Do it twice a day for 5 minutes each time.


6. Arthritis

Massaging back of your kneecap frequently can help you to prevent arthritis disease.


7. Constipation

Massaging the place three fingers away from your navel on each side, it can help your intestines moving around, therefore treat constipation problem.


@All GIF are from a Chinese website, also some of information.

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