Funny, But Full Of Wisdom – Translated Comics by the Talented Xiao Lin -Part 2

Multitalented Chinese young influencer Xiao Lin is a teacher at Sun Yat-Sen University. His professional background is clinical medicine, but his talent extends to the comics, paintings, photography and calligraphy. He also devotes his spare time to the charity works. His comics are funny but full of wisdom, which won him thousands and thousands fans young and old in China. Following are part 2 of  his best comics from my favourite collection.

1. The only good thing about being old is being able to lose less and less.


2. Flowers know if the wind passed through before.



3. Happiness is living an ordinary life with an unordinary person.



4. If you didn’t seriously live your life when you were young,

you should seriously live your life when you get old.


5. The way you try so hard to fit in with the others make you look so lonely.


6. Keep smiling,

otherwise the effort you spent brushing your teeth for so many years will be in vain.


7. If everyone understands you, then you might be like everyone else.


8. Some things are so heavy that no one can carry them for you.

You have to let your left shoulder and right shoulder carry them in turn.


9. If you want to cry, you should cry.

Don’t hold in.

You are not an umbrella.


10. When you feel your edges and corners have been polished by time,

it is time to lose weight.


11. Every time you swear to lose weight,

you only speak loud to scare your body’s fat.


12. It’s not easy to lose weight,

every piece of fat has its own personality .


13. Time takes away fancy dreams, leaving the real fat behind.


14. As long as you are not on your knees,

no one is taller than you in this world.


15. There is only one kind of failure,

that is you gave up halfway.


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