Funny, But Full Of Wisdom – Translated Comics by the Talented Xiao Lin -Part 5

Multitalented Chinese young influencer Xiao Lin is a teacher at Sun Yat-Sen University. His professional background is clinical medicine, but his talent extends to the comics, paintings, photography and calligraphy. He also devotes his spare time to the charity works. His comics are funny but full of wisdom, which won him thousands and thousands fans young and old in China. Following are part 5 of his best comics from my favourite collection.


1. The reason I worked so hard is because

what I wanted are very expensive.


2. Time is like cleavage,

when you squeeze it,

you will have it.

But when you lay down, it is disappear.


3. You should have a dream.

Even if you are a salty fish,

you should be the saltiest one.


4. If you are determined to pursue your dream,

the worst result is nothing but a late bloomer.


5. In the future,

you will certainly thank yourself

for your current hard working.


6. Wasting your time on the beautiful things,

then you will meet a better yourself.


7. For a person who doesn’t want to put any effort,

even if other people want to give you a hand,

they don’t know where your hands are.


8.You haven’t been successful,

why are you afraid to fail?


9. Learn one more skill,

and you will ask for less help.


10. When you were young,

you wanted to be anybody except yourself.


11. Everybody wants to save the world,

but nobody wants to help their mom do the dishes.


12. In the last class before the university entrance exam,

the teacher said: “You look at the questions, I look at you.”


13. Those tears you hold back so hard

will eventurally lose to a word of comfort.


14. You said to the teacher emotionally at graduation:

” teacher, you worked so hard.”

The teacher said:” Because of you,

it is not about working hard, It’s about having a hard life.”


15. Learning is like being lost at sea,

but when you turn back, there is a shore.


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