Funny, But Full Of Wisdom – Translated Comics by the Talented Xiao Lin -Part 6

Multitalented Chinese young influencer Xiao Lin is a teacher at Sun Yat-Sen University. His professional background is clinical medicine, but his talent extends to the comics, paintings, photography and calligraphy. He also devotes his spare time to the charity works. His comics are funny but full of wisdom, which won him thousands and thousands fans young and old in China. Following are part 6 of his best comics from my favourite collection.

1. Life is annoying,

but fortunately I am still so cute.


2. He just randomly gave you a flower,

you blushed,

and wanted to pay that with rest of your life.


3. Love is wanting to touch,

but holding back.


4. To be lovely is not a long term solution,

but to be loved is the one.


5. I am still working hard,

you should not like other people.


6. No matter you want to see me or not,

I am staying here,

because there is no other place to go.


7. We met after long time no see.

There is a new moon on the sky,

There is an old wind besides me.


8. It’s not bad we met each other late.

You are just about being mature,

I am just about being gentle and soft.


9. When we hold each other’s hand,

our life lines will cross to each other.


10. If you like,

I can be your companion for a long time.


11. Go to see the person you want to see

Go to do the things you want to do

When the Sun light is just right,

When the wind is not strong,

When you are not that old yet.


12. It’s snowing,

We don’t need an umbrella,

By doing that,

could we get old together until our hairs are grey?


13. Met you for the first time,

but it seemed like an old friend came back.


14. I only wanted to hold your hand for my whole life.

I am afraid if I let it go,

you will go to buy, buy and buy.


15. The true love is that while I am loathing you,

but I am not leaving you neither.


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