Yoga Up Your Days

In our daily lives there are many things that may make us feeling overwhelmed. We want to escape from the noisy world. We want to retreat to our inner peace. For those reasons, we practice yoga. Yoga can help us reduce stress,  increase focus and boost energy. It can also bring us joy and peace. Yoga is the journey of yourself, through yourself, to yourself!

Yoga practice includes two key components: meditation and postures. Meditation involves breathing exercise. Postures help body mussels relaxing.

 1.Meditation —- The Basic Breathing Exercise

The basic breathing exercise involves inhaling and exhaling. You sit with your leg crossed, allow your shoulders to relax. Inhale for few seconds and then exhaling. The goal is to relax your body, mind, and spirit.

2. Yoga Warm-up Sequence – Classical Sun Salutations 

3. Yoga Key Postures

You can practice the following postures in sequence.  Adjust each posture according to your own flexibility. Also feel free to add more postures in between suggested poses.

    1. Standing Forward Posture

    2. Standing Forward Bent Posture

    3. Chair Posture

    4. Twisted Chair Posture

    5. Downward Dog Posture

    6. Legged Dog Posture

    7. Plank Posture


    8. Wide Leg Twist Posture

    9. Low Lunge Posture

    10. Low Lunge Twist Posture

    11. Revolved Crescent Lunge Posture

    12. Crescent Moon Posture

    13. Warrior Posture 1, 2, 3

    14. Reverse Warrior Posture

    15. Tree Posture

   16. Child’s Posture

  17. Tiger Posture 

  18. Bridge Posture

19. Half Moon Posture

    20. Shoulder Stand


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