What Happened to the Great Britain?

Today, Boris Johnson officially becomes Britain’s new prime minister. Strangely, after his appointment, there is no reported celebration and happy emotion across Britain. Are people feeling numbed to the news? indeed; Disappointed? Probably yes. I cannot believe Great Britain, where I have worked and lived more than 6 six years of my life, now becomes a world stage for the comic shows. The shows, which are led by Trump-like Johnson and pretentious Duchess, become more and more ridiculous each day. What happened to the one of the greatest country in the world? How can a person who makes the loudest noise, who cannot even manage his hair, lead the country? Why let the person, who spend extravagantly, preach shamelessly to the poor, and disgustingly write a message on banana for sex workers? Power and status, once they are controlled by those hypocrites, can be absurd institutions to betray our trust, and test our patience and believe. I really hope those comic shows by those two are short lived, and hope British people can find a way to make their country a truly leading country in the world.

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