A Long Journey Tests A Horse’s Endurance, Time Tells A Person’s Heart


People say a picture is worth a thousand words. I say this stunning picture is valued more than a million words. In fact, a million words are meaningless compared with this incredible photo. Take a close look at it, and set your imagination free.

This photo shows a herd of horses trekking along at a remote island. We don’t know how far away their destination is, but we can see they leave a set of large footprints behind. We don’t know how hard their journey is, but we know their elegant posture show their endurance. We also know in between sky and earth, their determination give them direction, their pride let them marching on.

Each of us have our own journey on earth. Sometimes, we don’t know where we head to? Sometimes, we try very hard to leave our footprints behind. Sometimes, we lost trust in the others. Don’t worry, time will lead a way, time will tell, time will give us an answer.


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