How to Get Dancer Fit: New York City Ballet Workout

The following two videos are the whole set of New York City Ballet Workout Vol. 1 and Vol.2. These workouts combine strength, flexibility and elegance all together. For me, this is the best daily workout. It’s like a meditation exercise, good for my body and my soul. I feel really good afterward. I think these workout is good for everybody at any age. If you want to be as fit as a ballet dancer, do these workouts everyday and see how it changes yourself inside and out.

There are two ways to learn to do this workout. The first way: image there is a transparent mirror between the dancers and you. So your arm and leg’s movements mirror to the dancers’ movement. Remember, in doing so, when the dancers lift their right arms, you actually lift your left arm.

The second way: if dancers lift their right arms, you have to lift your right arm. This is very hard way to learn for the beginners because your brain will always be confused at beginning.  Nevertheless, all the exercises are designed to be symmetry. That is: if the first movement is to lift your right arm or leg, the next movement will be to lift your left arm or leg…so on and so forth. So chose the best method which is easier for you to learn.


New York City Ballet Workout Vol.1

2:31 Section 1 : Warm Up One
5:58 Section 2 : Warm Up Two
7:28 Section 3 : Warm Up Three
9:17 Section 4 : Stretches
16:00 Section 5 : Abdominals & Leg Darts
20:13 Section 6 : Floor Barre 1
24:51 Section 7 : Floor Barre 2
30:36 Section 8 : Floor Barre 3
32:52 Section 9 : Pliés
36:44 Section 10 : Tendus
39:46 Section 11 : Dégagé
43:18 Section 12 : Passé
45:07 Section 13 : Front Attitude
47:44 Section 14 : Grand Battement Front
50:00 Section 15 : Arabesque Raises
51:33 Section 16 : Little Jumps
53:49 Section 17 : Reverence


New York City Ballet Workout Vol.2

Moving Warm Up

Floor Exercises

Standing Centre


Teaching Movement Combination


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