How to Record A Song On macOS

Want to record a song from Youtube or Web on your macOS? Here are the steps:

Step 1: Install the Soundflower extension for your Mac.

Step 2: From upper left corner, choose “System Preferences” -> “Sound” -> “Soundflower (2nd)”


Step 3: Install the Audacity for your Mac.

Step 4: Open Audacity -> “Microphone” -> “Soundflower (2nd)”


Step 5: From Audacity, click the red record button to record any song you like. After recording a song, you can also edit it.

Step 6: Save the recorded song. Click “File” -> “Export” -> export the audio file as MP3 or any kind of format you like.

Step 7: After record, change back to “Internal Speakers”on macOS. That is: Click “System Preference” -> “Sound” -> “Internal Speakers”.

Here is the recorded song: A Rain of Tears


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