Bye Year 2020, Welcome Year 2021


Thanks God, year 2020 is almost over. We made it! It’s being a psychologically challenge year for everybody because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Although there is still more to endurance in year 2021, now we have more reasons to be hopeful. Hope better days will come. Hope our freedom will be back. Hope the world will be peaceful again.

Stephen Hawking once said there is life, there is hope. I said there is hope, there is a purpose. New Year is a new start. Let’s brighten the shadow of the pandemic with hope. Reset our mind to uplifting thoughts, so we can have great spirit to face challenges in year 2021.

We have been hold up to for so long. If our perseverance could help us to survive the worst pandemic in 2020, it will no doubt help us to thrive in 2021.

Cheer up everyday, Happy 2021.



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