What Is Humour?

Humour is a noble quality. It’s an enchanting charisma. It’s an open-mined attitude. It’s a common trait of a person with supreme confidence. A person without a sense of humour is a cardboard figure. A speech without a sense of humour is like an utterance of a robot.

Humour is the marriage of knowledge and intelligence. It’s the union of talent and wisdom.

Humour is a synonym of optimism. It’s a coffee drink which lifts up your mood at any circumstance.

Humour is a language lotion. It smooths out the lines of an awkward talk. It shows the spirit of liberation and tolerance.

Any culture ingrained with humour is colourful and alive. Make more fun of our own ego, it’s very graceful. Make more fun of ridiculous things in the world, it’s an amusing escape.


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