What Is Dramatic Personality?

There are never ending dramas in the press about British Royal family these days. So much so that I feel nauseas after seeing them all over the headlines. I feel I had enough. I just want to throw it out. I also want to have my punch on it. I saw this soap opera coming from the beginning. Now unfortunately, a dusty wind has left a sad saga in the Royal History.

The fact is you don’t need to be a psychologist to know what’s the dramatic personality. You learn from observing. Stories in the press are the best teaching material. What is Dramatic Personality? My conclusion is:

  1. Always being self-centred, always seeking attention;
  2. Always make dramatic performance in the public;
  3. Fake and shallow;
  4. Manipulative, calculating and back-stabbing;
  5. Dictating, high demanding, sense of entitlement;

The list can go on and on….. I just do not want to waste my time on the “Dustiness”.



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