Mother Earth — Celebration of Earth Day

Yesterday was Earth Day. This blog is a belated celebration. I worship our earth. I imagine she is our eternal Earth Mother. Everyday for thousands of years, our Mother Earth gives birth to so many beautiful living thing on the earth: human beings, plants, trees, mountains and seas. She nurtures her offspring tirelessly and selflessly. She vigorously supports her kids to grow, to thrive. She teaches them to survive in any circumstance. Most importantly, she teaches them to live their life harmoniously. She grounds them whenever they want to show off. She patiently tolerates her children’s destructive behaviour, although sometimes she has to teach her little ones a hard lesson. Every season, she bares her beauty out to demonstrate her natural characters, may it be a green spring, hot summer, chilly autumn or snowy winter. Mother Earth gives out everything she has. She shoulders our troubles and lifts our heavy weights day and night, but she wants nothing in return. When her children want to go back to her in the end, she opens her arms to welcome them, comfort them, and accompany them.

Mother Earth, words are hopeless when I want to express my admiration for you. Long live our Mother Earth. You are eternally beautiful.



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