The Sad Ending of Australia Visa Saga For Novak Djokovic

No matter how many prayers and fights Novak Djokovic had for the last two weeks, he was finally deported from Australia. This visa saga sadly ended his dream to defend his Australia Open title and his chance to earn the 21 grand slams.

I’ve edited several images to document this event. They reflect my opinion and my support for Novak Djokovic.

    1. The Australia government refused unvaccinated but recently recovered Djokovic into the country. Djokovic, in the past, was very vocal about vaccine enforcement. He believes individual, not government, has the freedom to choose what to put into their body. He believes natural treatments, prayers and positive thinking are the best vaccine to fight Covid.
    2. He endured 11 days’ legal battle with Australia government. He kept fighting, never gave up.
    3. His father posted a message on Instagram and told him “Hold On”. He compared Novak Djokovic to a fierce Siberian wolf.

I am at Novak Djokovic’s side. Australia Open is a sport competition, not a pawn for the politics. He was infected with Covid-19 twice before. If science is correct, he already has a natural antibodies. Why does he need to be vaccinated again?

Only when the tide goes out do we know who is standing right.

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