If You Laugh, The Whole World Laughs With You

One day, I came up with an idea to make some happy faces with foods from my home. It’s a part of my committed a year long gratitude exercise. I first started with some fruits, vegetables and nuts in the fridge. I used my imagination to arrange them in a different combinations. Within a half hour, I already made several cheerful happy faces on my plates. Some of them have red, green or brown eyes. Some have red hot lips. Even those nuts can be as happy as you want them to be. I said to myself: aha, happy faces are right at home, they are everywhere.

As we all know, the happy face is the most popular emoji on the planet. People like to send their messages with a happy face at end. The happy face like a sunshine. It lights up your spirit.

Laugh like you own your whole world. Remember If you laugh, the whole world laughs with you.



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