The Long Shadow of the Royal History

On Feb.6, 2022, the Queen made her history making statement, which suggests Camilla will be crowned as Queen Consort when Prince Charles becomes King in her Platinum message to Britain.

Queen’s message shocked the public. It’s such a bitter pill to swallow.

If Camilla, the royal mistress, becomes Queen Consort, what kind of moral standards does the Royal Family set for the nations to follow?

Camilla’s affair with Charles caused Princess Diana’s life. She took away Diana’s happiness to be a mother and grandmother. When she sat on the bench with William’s kids, it made me sick as hell. She made William and Harry’s lives miserable beyond any imagination. She is forever known as a mistress. And she is forever in the long shadow of people’s Queen Diana.

The selfish Charles caused so many pains to Princess Diana and their two sons. He was a cheating husband and an absent father. How can he be a good King?

If Charles and Camilla succeed to the Crown, it will be the beginning of the end of the Royal Family.

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