The Peace Doves on the Bird’s Nest Stadium

Today, Beijing ended the 2022 Winter Olympic Games with a spectacular closing ceremony at the iconic Bird’s Nest Stadium. There is no question that the ceremony showcased China’s economic and political superpower status to the world.

Reflecting on the Olympic Games, I feel we can stand united in sports. As the Olympic chairman said:” We are all equal, regardless of what we look like, where we come from, or what we believe in.”

Now the 2022 Winter Olympic Game is over, but our wishes for peace keep going. I edited an image in hope of honoring this wish. The image shows five Peace Doves on the Bird’s Nest Stadium. The reason I chose five Peace Doves is that they correspond to the Olympic Games’ Symbol – the five interlocking rings. As we all know these five interlocking rings present five continents. Those Peace Doves are going to fly off from the Bird’s Nest. If you look at the Bird’s Nest in detail, you will notice that the Bird’s Nest is built out of twisting steel. You can imagine they are twisted and pressed spirits. They are going to release themselves for freedom and peace, like those five Peace Doves are about to do.



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