ChatGPT and Dall-E Are Incredible

OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Dall-E are incredible. I asked Dall-E to generate “a green frog sitting at the bottom of a deep dark well, looking up at the sky, which is a blue dot in a very high quality photo style.” The generated images are very impressive. Here are two images I liked the most.



I also prompted ChatGPT to “write a short story about the arrogant and stupid frog who thinks he knows everything, but he actually can only see a small part of the sky above him.” The following is the short story generated by ChatGPT. The story is amazing, especially the part of the conversation between birds and the frog. It has made the stroy more interesting.

There was once a small, green frog who lived at the bottom of a deep well. He was a proud and arrogant creature, convinced that he knew everything there was to know about the world.

The frog spent his days lounging on the cool, wet stones at the bottom of the well, gazing up at the small patch of blue sky above him. He would often brag to the other animals that came to drink from the well, telling them that he was the wisest and most knowledgeable creature in all the land.

One day, a group of passing birds stopped to drink from the well and asked the frog about the world beyond the well. The frog, feeling smug and superior, told the birds all about the vast and wonderful places he had seen and the many amazing things he had done.

The birds, however, were not impressed by the frog’s boasts. They chuckled to themselves and told the frog that he was a fool, living at the bottom of a well and believing that he knew everything there was to know. The frog was furious and cursed the birds as they flew away, but deep down he knew that they were right.

From that day on, the frog began to realize that there was much more to the world than the small patch of sky he could see above him. He stopped being so arrogant and began to listen to the other animals that came to the well, learning from their experiences and wisdom. And though he may never have left the well, the frog became a much wiser and humble creature for it.

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