What Is Humour?

February 6, 2021 0

Humour is a noble quality. It’s an enchanting charisma. It’s an open-mined attitude. It’s a common trait of a person with supreme confidence. A person without a […]

The Best Way to Read Books

January 9, 2021 0

English philosopher and the father of empiricism Francis Bacon said:” Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be […]

Obama On Destiny

January 5, 2021 0

Do you believe in destiny? I do. I interpret the word Destiny as a mission you carry on in your life; a goal you want to […]

The 50 Best Movies On Netflix Right Now

January 2, 2021 0

New York Time lists 50 best movies on Netflix right now. Here is the list: ‘Loving’ (2016) ‘Fruitvale Station’ (2013) ‘E.T. the Extra -Terrestrial’ (1982) ‘Carol’ […]

Bye Year 2020, Welcome Year 2021

December 31, 2020 0

  Thanks God, year 2020 is almost over. We made it! It’s being a psychologically challenge year for everybody because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Although […]