No better place to ring in the New Year than a Niagara getaway

A Niagara Falls getaway is our traditional way of celebrating the New Year. We feel that those spectacular fireworks over the illuminating Niagara Falls can bring us not only excitement and joy, but also the boundless energy and hopes for a happy New Year.

We started our celebration by first driving through the Festival Lights at Dufferin Island. Once we got there, we were lost in a magic wonderland with many colourful light displays. There were kissing Swans, Climbing Bears, Howling Wolves, and a gigantic Moose and Polar Bear.

Light Display at Dufferin Island
Kissing swans at Dufferin Island








We continued our celebration by stopping at the illuminated American and Canadian Horseshoe Falls. The ever-changing colourful waterfalls give you endless imagination of nature and the beautiful world.

American Falls
Canadian Horseshoe Falls








We ended our celebration by eating at the 360-degree revolving dining room at top of the Skylon Tower. As the outdoor glass elevator takes you up to the top, you feel the world at your feet. While you have dinner with the dazzling falls view below, you cannot help but feel that you are revolving with the earth at the top of the world, and that you are revolving from the past year to the new future.

Some tips from our experience:

  1. If you want to catch the fireworks from the top of the tower, ask for a seat so that the American falls are in view when the fireworks are set to go off.
  1. After dinner, walk up stairs to the indoor and outdoor observation deck to see the Niagara Falls and city skyline.
  1. You can park your car at a nearby convenience store called New York News for C$5 for the whole day. It’s the best deal for all parking in the city. The address is 6095 Fallsview Boulevard Niagara Falls, ON L2G 3V6.  @Copyright

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