Characteristics of Genetic Giftedness

Genetic giftedness is the giftedness a person born with. It’s the giftedness by nature, not by nurture. For example, people with genetic giftedness are born with an exceptional memory, while ordinary people can still have good memory by nurturing for a period of time. People with genetic giftedness can further advance their giftedness by training, while ordinary people probably cannot have some of giftedness even after intensive training, such as the spatial and abstract reasoning and perfect pitch etc. The genetic giftedness can be easily and accurately identified at young age because we can at least in part rule out the influence of nurturing and environment.

Some typical traits of genetic giftedness are:

Sleep much less

Babies with genetic giftedness usually sleep much less compared with most infants. Even during their adulthood, they still sleep few hours less compared with their peers.

Very sensitive to sound, smell, light and emotion

Babies with genetic giftedness usually show discomfort to the noise and light. When they grow up, they still have these sensitivities. They usually have perfect pitch, very sensitive to the smell and they avoid strong light. They may show their emotion intensely in situations where others appear indifferent.

Early development in language

They usually start talking early and they speak with very clear pronunciation. They learn foreign language with easy.

Curiosity and observation

Babies with genetic giftedness are usually very inquisitive about their surrounding. When they begin to talk, they often ask a lot of questions. When they can read, they usually go to encyclopedia or Wikipedia for the answers. Their inquisitive mind make their opinion very insightful.

Exceptional memory

They have photographic memory. They can easily recall specific events, locations, and people’s name. They can retell almost sentence by sentence what they just read.

Speed reading, reasoning and talking

They not only have photographic memory, they also have photographic reading skill. They can quickly understand the concepts and have very good logical reasoning skill. They also speak as quickly as they think. Sometimes, they become impatient when others speak slowly.

Very good spatial understanding and reasoning

They have very good visual reasoning skill. They can easily figure out how to solve multidimensional puzzle, cube and figure out how to exit multi-layer underground parking and complex highway etc.

Learning new skill easily and quickly

They need a little direction or instruction when they learn something new. If things are interesting or challenging, they can concentrate on it for an unusually long time, otherwise, they quickly shift their attention to something else.

Ability to relate to older kids and adults

They seem a little bit social awkward, but they can easily related to older kids or adults on something they are interested.


They may insist on doing things their own ways. They are overly self-critical. Usually they are bothered by every detail if the result turns out not as good as they expected


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