San Francisco’s Lands End Trail

Lands End Trail is a hidden treasure of San Francisco, California. It’s by far one of the best places in San Francisco for hiking and for a fantastic view of the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Most tourists to San Francisco don’t know this trail because there are not many information available.  But this trail actually is one of the greatest place to visit in San Francisco. There is not doubt this trail will leave you an unforgettable memories behind. 

Lands End Trail is about 4 miles long. It can be accessed by several entry points. But If you want to see sunset in the evening, the best starting point is Lands End Trail Eagles Point. There is no parking lot at this entry. If you are lucky, you can find a parking spot on the street.

From here you can see the Golden Gate Bridge from different angle. It is a great spot to enjoy the views and take photos. It is also a great spot to sit on the beach and look out over the water as the views are spectacular.

Point Lobos

On the trail, there is a Point Lobos lookout which is located right above Sutro Baths. This lookout area is a great spot to get views of the coastline. This is also the spot you can see the famous rock which looks like a heart shape.

Sutro Baths is the place you can have a lot of fun. There are a lot to explore and a lot to climb around too. Also, this is ideal place for sunset. Here, there is a dinner place called Cliff House. You can enjoy your dinner and look out beautiful sunset from the restaurant’s windows. 

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