How To Be More Optimistic

Whether we have a positive or negative outlook is largely shaped by the environment we live in, the financial situation we face and people we surround ourselves with. However, if we cannot change the world around us, we can definitely change our attitude to it. In that sense, optimism is a way of thinking. It can be learned and it can be trained. By getting better at it, we can have a better life, a better health and have more friends. How to be more optimistic? Here are some of my thought:


A Lot Of Laugh

Laugh as much as you can. Even sometime you pretend to laugh, eventually it becomes a life long habit. Remember, smile makes you beautiful.


Be Humorous And Take A Deflection Off Stress

Being humorous will make you feel optimistic about future. Also, although we used to reflect about life from time to time,  but deflecting from stress is a way to go. Remember, ignorance is a blessing.


Surround Yourself With Optimistic Persons

Optimism is spreadable. And it is infectious. Surround yourself with optimistic persons, you will have great enthusiasm in life.


Believe the Positive Thinking Will Bring Out Of the Positive Outcome

Nobody will immune from downturns in life no matter what. So, if you constantly expecting the worst, the outcome is that you either miss out on something or feel pessimistic all the time. You need to reset your mindset to the positive tune. And believe that many of worst thing we constantly worry about never actually happen. And, even sometimes the worst happens, we usually have abilities to deal with it.


Shake Off Your Negative thoughts

When you feel pessimistic, you should remind yourself that this thought could only make your life miserable. So, do whatever that can make you get out this spiral. May it be listening to the music, having a piece of chocolate or talking to your trusted friends.


Have A Goal In Life And Have Some Hobbies

Having a goal in life is like having a hope. It makes you energetic and hopeful. Having some hobbies can bring you pleasure and allows you to meet some interesting people.


Have Good Sleep And Good Foods,  Exercise More

Sleep, in fact, is the best meditation. Good sleep makes you feel less moody, therefore more optimistic about everything. Good foods make your body clean. And exercise, as everybody knows, boosts your immunization. A healthy body and a healthy mind are naturally intertwined with each other.


We all know practice makes perfect. If we consistently practice these strategies, we will become more and more optimistic over time. This, in return, will produce long-lasting healthy benefits.

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