The Defiant Beauty of Cherry Blossom at Branch Brook Park in Newark

Here it comes again. It’s the cherry blossom season. Mother nature is on its buoyant spirit! Although the coronavirus beast is ruthless, but mother nature is always invincible. She always goes on to exhibit her power of beauty. There is no double that mother nature has triumphed over the evil beast effortlessly. Look at these photo, I feel spring is in my heart. I feel spring flows in my vein. I feel spring has brought hope we desperately need right now.


Photo by Elizabeth Peters.


Photo by Rebecca Bullene.


Photo by Elizabeth


Photo by Blanca Begert


Photo by Elizabeth Peters.


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  1. Conceived by Frederick Law Olmsted in 1867, Branch Brook, which opened in 1895, might not be as famous as some of Olmsted’s other feats (Manhattan’s Central Park or Brooklyn’s Prospect Park), but it offers a “quiet beauty,” said Barbara Bell Coleman, co-chair of the Branch Brook Park Alliance.

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