How to Put an Image in a Shape and Outline It in Photopea

Sometimes, you may want to make a logo or put an image in a shape, for example, a portrait etc. It’s very easy in Photopea. Here is how:

  1. Right click the image layer. Click “Clipping Mask”
  2. Choose a shape you like from the toolbar on the left. For example, the shape of oval.
  3. Mask the shape on the image.
  4. Move the shape layer dawn below the image layer. That’s it.

You may also want to outline the shape. Here is how:

  1. Double click the shape layer, a small “Layer Style” screen appears.
  2. Check the “Stroke”.
  3. Click the “Stroke”, so you can choose the outline’s colour and size.

Following is a simple tutorial video

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