What Are Physical World, Virtual World and Real World in Common?

Human evolution and technology development extend our worlds and our relationship with them. We now can divide our worlds into three categories: physical world, virtual world and real world.

The physical world is the world where we have physical interaction with each other. Physical world is limited by transportation and by human evolution; The virtual world is the extension of our physical world. It’s an imaginary world which we can only reach it virtually with modern technology and with our imagination; The real world is our universe. It’s the world beyond our imagination. It waits for us to explore it and our technology to uncover it.

Obviously, there are no clear boundaries between these three worlds. As time goes on, technology will broaden each of them.

What can we take from this world classification? First, it shows a clear picture about the timeline of human evolution and technology development. Second, it let us know which world is real and let us think where we should invest our time, energy and emotions.

What are these three worlds in common? Without question, they are full of Love and Hate. All kind of emotions go through them.

How to describe these three worlds? Without doubt, they all can be wonderful and terrible at the same time.


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