It’s Never Too Late To Follow Your Dream

Sometimes we need life inspiration to make a change. We usually get used to stay in our comfort zone, and are afraid to explore new things. Now the New Year started, it’s time to try something new. I read stories from New York Time series It’s never too late and found the following stories aspiring. Their life stories prove there are no deadlines to pursue our dreams.


Vera Jiji, 93, at her home in New York with her cello. “It has given me a way to communicate without using words,” she said.


Russell Ellis, the celebrated architecture professor at the University of California, Berkeley, recorded an album of 11 original songs, in a variety of genres. He said: “I think doing the album made me a kinder person.”


Dierdre Wolownick, who climbed El Capitan for the first time at age 66.


Here are some of their best words of wisdom:

  1. Don’t be afraid of embarrassment or opening yourself up to criticism. You have to be OK with not having mastery over something. And don’t let fear stand in your way. It will get less scary every time you try.
  2. Do something that involves other people. Even one other person. Getting out of a groove — sometimes you just need company. There’s this fantasy that creativity is something you do alone, by candlelight. No! Do something with other people who are as genuinely interested as you are.

  3. Dream a big dream, then figure out what all the little incremental steps are to get there, and hit those steps one by one. There are always obstacles. Loved ones can be an obstacle, money can be an obstacle. It’s not easy. There’s lots of sacrifice involved, but you can dream a big dream and make it come true.

  4. if you’re feeling stuck, being patient and not freaking out about it is so important. Everything you do gives you experience and skills and tools, wherever you go.

  5. Do something new that you normally wouldn’t do, or something you hadn’t planned on doing, or something you’re passionate about. Take an acting class or a cooking class, or go to a museum. These things let you connect to other people you might not have met ordinarily. It can make your life more lively. Pick up the phone. Send an email. Think of something you want to do and then ask someone if they want to do it with you. Don’t be afraid to let things happen.

  6. Be as open as you can be. Be as honest as you can be about who you are. Because ultimately, love overwhelms.

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