A Picture Worth A Thousand Words

Following are some of word definitions from my picture dictionary. They are demonstrated perfectly by the best person you can find in the world.

  1. Laugh – To laugh, you have to open your mouth as big as you can. You have to close your eyes as hard as you can. No eye balls please. Don’t forget to show off all of your teeth and all of your winkles.

2. Voracious reader – Voracious means greedy and insatiable. So “voracious reader” means you are insatiablly reading while you are sleeping. How true is that, president Obama?

3. Shut Up – To shut Up, you need to put two of your fingers on your mouth and throw away a microphone at the same time. Your eyes have to demonstrate your determination.

4. Surrender – To surrender, you first need to raise both of your hands up, bow your head down and bend your knee a little bit. You also have to intentionally use a mirror to double up your sincerely intention, which is to cease any resistance to a dress up little kid, no matter who you are and how high your authority is.

5. Love – To love your wife, you have to unconditionally give your manly looking dress to your wife, no matter how ugly it is on her. To show your love, You should put both of your hands in your pockets , while your forehead reaches out to her at the same time. Your gesture has to be so tender that nobody at present can even bear to look at you.


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