Muskoka Fall Colour Spectacular

Talking about fall colour, no the other country can compete with Canada. That’s why maple leaf is the centrepiece of the national flag of Canada. And, that’s why maple leaf is the most prominent symbol of Canada. In the fall, everywhere you go in Canada, you will be astonished by the splendid fall colour spectacular.

Muskoka in Ontario, Canada, is one of the best place to witness beautiful fall colour. Muskoka is well known for its romantic setting and its breathtaking scenery, but first and foremost, it is its astonishing fall colour that will leave you with an unforgettable memory.

Last weekend, my family had a trip to drove around Muskoka Lake. I am not exaggerating, it’s the best fall drive route in the north Ontario. Along the way, you not only can enjoy the best of fall colour, you also can discover some of the best gems of Muskoka.

We first stopped at the scenic town of Gravenhurst, known as the Gateway to the Muskoka. We have paid a visit to the Bethune Memorial House. Dr. Bethune spent the last two years of his life to help China in the wartime. For this, we Chinese are forever grateful.

Bethune Memorial House

Next, we stopped at Bala, a small town famous for its cranberry farming. If you never have an experience of cranberry farming, stop there for the one-of-a kind finds.

Bala, Ontario, Cranberry Farm

Next stop was Port Carling, known as the “Hub of the Lakes”, where you can see two layers of boat docking.

Port Carling – the hub of the lakes

Next stop was Milford Bay’s Huckleberry Rock Lookout Trail. Walking along the trail to the lookout at the top, you will have a bird view of Muskoka Lakes. You will be amazed if you know these rocks are some of the oldest rock in the world, well over a billion years old.

Huckleberry Rock Lookout, Ontario

Next stop was Bracebridge. Bracebridge is situated on the Muskoka River and overlooks the famous Bracebridge Falls, the most picturesque fall in Muskoka.

Water fall at Bracebridge, Muskoka, Ontario

From Bracebridge, we headed to Muskoka Beach to complete our driving route circle. This section of the route is the most beautiful section of the whole driving circle. The colourful maple trees along two sides of the road formed a canopy like setting. You felt you were driving into an oil painting.

Muskoka, you are a romanic and beautiful gem of fall scenery of Canada, so colourful and so splendid!

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