Who Are You So Infatuated With, My Dear Roses?

It’s a cold autumn here. Day and night, the wind mercilessly blows away once very colourful leaves from the trees. It tells us winter is  coming soon. Today, it’s only 3C outside, but I cannot wait to get out to my garden and watch closely to those last two surviving roses.  I know they have been blooming for quite some times already. Their unusual hold on ability reminds me that I have to take photos of them in case they will give in to the cold and suddenly gone tomorrow. It’s unbelievable that no matter how strong and how cold the wind is, up until today, 1st November, those two roses are still there contently day in and day out. Looking them admirably, I keep asking in my head: “My dear roses, who are you fall in love with?”. “How can you be so besotted with love to tolerant such cold weather?”. Day after day, all I have gotten from those roses are their unwavering and beautiful smiles…….

Sometimes, we human being don’t know, but the nature can shows us: no matter what, there is still an unconditional and pure love in this world…….

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