Savouring Exercises

I read an interesting article about savouring exercises from New York Time yesterday. The basic concept of savouring exercises is that we should savour any beautiful things in our life and show more appreciation for the people, places or things that make us happy. By doing this savouring exercises, scientists said it can improve our overall happiness and well-being. One way to do the savouring exercises, suggested by the article, is to take gratitude photos which capture any beautiful and meaningful moment in our life.

Like any physical exercises, if we do savouring exercises consistently, we will build our muscle of happiness strong.  I believe when we fill our mind with full of beautiful things and happy thoughts, our mind will leave no room for any unpleasant things. Like any exercises, the results from savouring exercises is an accumulating process. So, let savouring exercises becomes our routine, our religion and our natural habit.

Yesterday I started savouring exercises. I spent about an hour to take photos of things in my house. I really enjoy this hour long of happiness, and an hour long of appreciation of beauty around me. I hope I can keep doing it from now on.

Here are my day one savouring exercises results:

1. Fruits of happiness


2. A fairytale wedding


3. Sphere of beauty


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