Save the Last Dance For Me

“Save the Last Dance for Me” is the song written by Doc Pomus on his wedding day. According to his friend, Doc Pomus was inspired by the fact that he was in a wheelchair and watching his new bride dancing with their guests on their wedding day. Doc Pomus had polio and at times used crutches to get around. His wife, however, was a Broadway actress and dancer. The song gives his perspective of telling his wife to have fun dancing, but reminds her who will be taking her home and “in whose arms you’re gonna be.”

Doc Pomus in wheelchair


Doc Pomus with his wife on their wedding day

Doc Pomus was an accomplished songwriter and blue singer. He didn’t have self-pity in his bones. He was ambitious. And he was an over-a-moon lover. He once said:”I was never one of those happy cripples to stump around with smiling and shinning eyes, trying to get the world to shake his head sadly in my direction. I am going to be the first heavy weight box champion on crutches, one punch knock down and kill. I am going to make love with those beautiful and exciting women in the world. I am going to be the most extraordinary and talent man that ever lived.”

Having this strong will, he indeed married a beautiful woman and wrote a timeless song “Save the Last Dance for Me”.

I made a video of the song “Save the Last Dance for Me”. I chose Michael Buble’s voice in the video. Michael Buble is one of my favourite singer. His voice is so innocently seductive. I like his interpretation for this song. His interpretation reveals Doc Pomus’s helpless, but accepting frame of mind. The melody of this song also adds some spices of Doc Pomus’s pride, grace, coolness and authority. I love the whole package of this song, i.e. the lyrics, the melody and the interpretation from Michael Buble.

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