Funny, But Full Of Wisdom – Translated Comics by the Talented Xiao Lin -Part 3

Multitalented Chinese young influencer Xiao Lin is a teacher at Sun Yat-Sen University. His professional background is clinical medicine, but his talent extends to the comics, paintings, photography and calligraphy. He also devotes his spare time to the charity works. His comics are funny but full of wisdom, which won him thousands and thousands fans young and old in China. Following are part 3 of his best comics from my favourite collection.


1. Happiness is not about having the best of everything,

it’s about making the best of the moment.


2. God closed a door,

and then closed the windows too,

because God wanted to turn on the heater for you.


3. Hard work and exploration in your spare time determine the height and destiny of your life.


4. To be lazy in the future,

you must work hard now.


5. Hopefully all your regrets from last year are cushions of surprise this year.


6. You never know how strong you will be in future.


7. Buying a cartoon thermal cup is my last chance to be youthful.


8. After being lazy for so long,

when I worked a litter bit hard,

I felt like I have risked my life.


9. You can’t buy happiness because you don’t have money.


10. If you don’t have a lovable trait,

nobody will love you.


11. Everybody says tomorrow will be better,

but when tomorrow comes,

you will know memory is the best.


12. Although feeling sorry is so hard,

but you will get over it eventually.


13. The scariest thing in the world is not getting old alone,

it’s getting old with somebody who makes you feel alone.


14. When you sleep, don’t let your bed down.

When you walk, don’t let the road down.

When you are deep in love, don’t let your lover down.

When you are hungry, don’t let your stomach down.


15. Don’t try to win an argument with your girlfriend.

Those who won already broke up with their girlfriends.


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