Funny, But Full Of Wisdom – Translated Comics by the Talented Xiao Lin -Part 4

Multitalented Chinese young influencer Xiao Lin is a teacher at Sun Yat-Sen University. His professional background is clinical medicine, but his talent extends to the comics, paintings, photography and calligraphy. He also devotes his spare time to the charity works. His comics are funny but full of wisdom, which won him thousands and thousands fans young and old in China. Following are part 4 of his best comics from my favourite collection.


1. You will meet someone you are meant to meet.

You will leave someone you are meant to leave.


2. As for language,

when you express love, it’s hopeless.

When you hurt somebody, it’s very sharp.


3. The sign of having mental illness is that

you believe your work is extremely important,

and you are absolutely irreplaceable.


4. On quiet dark nights, don’t feel sorry for yourself.

Don’t look back when you feel lonely and have no support.


5. Once you are middle aged,

no matter how expensive the perfume is,

it can’t mask the smell of Chinese medicine.


6. Success is nothing more than standing up one more time.


7. Live a good life. Eventually someone will think of you.


8. Look at that white cloud in the sky,

does it look like the hundred dollar bill you owe me?


9. I don’t care of everything,

but I still can remember how much I hate you.


10. There is a sound controlled light in the restroom at school.

It turns off every 30 seconds.

So I have to give myself round of applause when I am pooing.


11. School also has a sensor faucet.

But it doesn’t work well.

Every time I wash my hands, I feel like I am a beggar.


12. Pie is falling from the sky.

Trap is openning on the ground.


13. The person who always brag himself as a spring onion, is actually a garlic.


14. As long as you do not think you are at lost,

others couldn’t take advantage of you.


15. I am slow before,

because the road is long.

I am slow now,

because it’s hard to get to know anybody.


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