A Man’s Kiss Is His Signature

In honour of his wife’s 58th Birthday on Jan 17th, Obama shared a sweet photo of the couple posing in front a Hawaiian sunset.

This photo shows a lot of unspoken-able details. For example: The reason why the grey-haired Obama chose a sunset scene as the background. Why he closed eyes when he gave a kiss. The former president, who married for 30 years, clearly knew love is blindness. He knew the secret of any happy marriage is “close your eyes and do meditation”. He also purposely put both of his hands in the pockets to avoid a hug-up, so he could show off his chest muscles. He also buckled off his white shirt in sync with the latest celebrity trend. Meanwhile, Michelle hold a glass of champagne and had the biggest smile on her face.

I love this sweet photo. It’s the best demonstration of love. I would say it will make a lot of husbands feel bad.  And it will also make a lot of wives believe a fairytale.

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