Hi, Phony

March 19, 2019 0

Hi, Phony, How is your show recently? Is it season five, episode seventeen? Aren’t you bored and tired already?   Hi, Phony, How is your […]

Elon Musk — An Innovation Behemoth

March 4, 2019 0

Last Saturday Elon Musk’s SpaceX launched its new capsule called Crew Dragon to the International Space Station(ISS). This is the first American-made crew spacecraft. This successful […]

Baking is a Piece Of Cake

February 24, 2019 0

Cooking is a culinary art, baking is a food chemical science. Correct ingredient weight is a baking receipt’s chemical formula. In some country, people like […]

Happiness Is Simple

February 19, 2019 0

Everybody wants to be happy. Everybody is looking for happiness. So, a century years old question is: how can we be happy? For someone, happiness is money, […]